buy dried Prune Plums

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are these plums grown?

Our orchard is in Kelowna, BC in the Ellison District.

What can you do with plums?

Enjoy them fresh from the orchard, dried, in a plum puree, and use in baking or gravies. Use frozen prune plums for smoothies and shakes. We also invite you to keep the juice from your frozen plums and freeze in ice cube trays to add to bubbly water for a great summer sipper.

How are they dried?

We dry our plums in a commercial dryer in a local facility in Kelowna, BC.

How long does it take prune plum trees to bear fruit?

3 years

Do you deliver?

Not at this time. We are excited to offer our dried plums at a selection of local Okanagan stores. For a list of stores, click here or visit our Facebook page.

Are your dried plums pitted?

Yes, they are pitted. However, as with all fruit processing, from time to time our dried
plums may contain pit fragments.